Banten Traditional Musical Instruments


Banten is the youngest province on the island of Java which has a cultural diversity that is not inferior to other provinces. However, in terms of arts and culture, there are indeed many similarities with the province of West Java, which is the main kadab province of Banten, which has not yet been divided into an independent province. One example is the traditional musical instruments of Banten.

Names of Banten Traditional Musical Instruments

At this time I will introduce 6 types of traditional musical instruments from Banten province which are often used in every ethical event or other event. The following is an explanation of Banten’s traditional musical instruments which we will discuss together.

1. Drum

traditional musical instrument banten drum

Rampak Bedug is one of the arts of playing the drum musical instrument which is characteristic of the Banten region. In the Rampak Bedug attraction, the drum players play it solidly to produce a beautiful and pleasant sound. Apart from that, this art is packed with dance moves to make it look attractive and attractive.

The drum itself is a traditional Banten musical instrument made of large wood with a cavity in the middle and one end covered with animal skin. It has a definite shape almost the same as the drums in other places.

2. Angklung Buhun

traditional musical instrument Banten angklung buhun

Angklung Buhun is a traditional Banten angklung musical instrument, especially for Baduy people. For the Baduy people, this Angklung Buhun art is one of the arts that is considered sacred and has a special value in it. Angklung Buhun art is usually only presented on certain programs, especially during rice planting.

Angklung Buhun is almost the same as the usual angklung musical instrument that we know, both in terms of shape and sound. But the appearance is slightly different, in fact, there are additional knick-knacks at the top of the angklung frame. At the top of the Buhun Angklung is usually decorated with rice stalks or long leaves tied in clusters.

3. Dogdog Long

Dogdog Lojor is the name of a traditional Banten musical instrument which is shaped like a drum but is small and long. The name dogdog lojor itself is taken from the fact that when this instrument is hit it makes a “dog” sound. As well as the fact that dogdogs are usually lojor (long), because of that the art is called “dogdog lojor”.

In the past, dogdog lojor served as a complement to traditional ceremonies, such as after-harvest ceremonies, ngalaksa, seren taun, and ngaruat. The dodog lojor mabengala show includes circumcisions and weddings. In general (without being invited) some of the dogdog lojor players appear wearing their unique clothes, namely shucks clothes and black pangsi pants.

At present, dogdog lojor is rarely used to complete sacred ceremonies, but has become a regular entertainment that appears on many occasions.

4. Bamboo Pantun

Pantun Bambu art is one of the surviving arts in Banten Province. This traditional musical instrument is made of bamboo borders with an average diameter of 10 cm and a length of 80 to 100 cm or approximately one meter. Two segments with a hole in the middle and tongue with three strings sound four scales.

This bamboo rhyme is played by being beaten. Usually Pantun Bambu which is played by one group has a minimum of 3 pieces of bamboo rhyme, each of which has a role for the melodic drum clap, the bass drum rhyme, and the rhyme of the blampak drum rhythm.

5. Bendrong Dimples

Bendrong Lesung is a traditional art that uses a mortar and pestle for its performance properties. While the mortar and pestle are traditional rice pounding tools made of wood.

In the hands of several Cilegon artists, bedrong dimples became the most interesting attraction dish. This bedrong mortar art visualizes the joy and joy of the people in welcoming the appreciation of their harvest.

The art of berong dimples developed and grew in a natural way in the area of ​​Cilegon, Banten. In the beginning, this art was a local custom to welcome the harvest appreciation.

6. Drums

Likewise with drums. One of these traditional West Javanese musical instruments, is also a traditional Banten musical instrument. Kendang is a traditional musical instrument that is played by being hit by hand or a special beater.

This musical instrument is made of wood which is hollow in the middle, has a long shape with both parts covered with animal skin. Kendang is widely used and impressive to be used in regional music.


Thus a complete explanation of traditional musical instruments from the province of Banten. We hope that by reading this article we can preserve and protect the arts and culture that exist in our respective areas, so that our children and grandchildren can experience art and culture like what we have experienced.


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